A Lifetime
of Benefits



Nature or buildings? Quiet or loud? Calm or agitated? Safe or dangerous? The area you decide to live in mainly depends on the quality of life that you want.  Clearly, the suburbs offer a completely different lifestyle than the city. Suburbia can provide many benefits, especially when you have a family.

The suburbs appeared in the 1850’s, but it mostly began after World War II. At that time, the population began moving outside of the city because they wanted to start a new life. Consequently, almost everyone lives in the suburbs today, especially in America. People living in suburbia usually share the same values : friendship, safety, etc. Of course, those neighborhoods are mostly made for families.

The first advantage that you will notice is the environment and the surroundings. The suburbs offer a lot more space than the city. Therefore, the houses are bigger and the yard is larger as well. Of course, it is very useful when you have children. There are also some parks close to the houses so it allows families to have a good time together and spend time outside. Nature and fresh air are two other reasons why people love the suburbs. The trees, the flowers, the green grass are all natural and essential to humans. For these reasons, suburbia can only have positive effects for a family or the population in general.

Suburbia also offers a better education for kids. In fact, schools in suburban areas have bigger budgets than schools in cities. Along with that, the teachers are usually more qualified, not in terms of their competence, but because they can provide the students a better guidance. For instance, a study shows that « the graduation rate in the suburbs stood at 71 percent », which is high compared to the percentage of urban schools which is 53 percent. In addition to that, it is easier for the parents to educate their children in a good, not stressful environment like the suburbs. In summary, kids need an atmosphere where they can learn and be disciplined properly and suburban areas are perfect for that.

Finally, the suburbs offer a harmonious life, unlike the city. These areas are calm, friendly and, more importantly, they are safe. If you take a walk on a suburban street, you will notice that kids play outside a lot. Children from different houses play together and adults always watch over them to make sure they are okay. Safety is crucial. In suburbia, everybody knows each other, so if someone is not familiar, it raises questions in the neighborhood. Also, living in the city can be stressful and stress can lead to health problems. Therefore, living in suburbia can be good for your health since it is quiet and helps you escape from work. Thus, living in the suburbs contributes to a peaceful life.

There are many benefits that can come from living in suburban areas. Of course, it is perfect when you have or plan on having a family. In other words, living in suburbia will definitely make your life easier. If you choose to live in the suburbs, you choose a life filled with advantages!





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