City vs Suburbs



In our lives, we all have to make hard decisions; one of them is to choose whether we’re going to live in the city or in the suburbs. Most of the time this decision depends on certain facts such as the place where you want to work, your age, if you want a family or not, etc. My opinion on the matter is that both lifestyles have advantages and disadvantages but the city would still be a better choice.

In 2012, a census in the United States reported that many young adults were trying to move out of the suburbs in hope to have better lives in the city. In 2014, about 54 percent of the world’s population lived in urban areas and this proportion was expected to increase a lot by 2050. These statistics only state the obvious; most people prefer to live in the city.

First, modern conveniences are better in urban areas. In the city, you can have access to food delivery at any hour of the day or the night, how awesome is that? On the other hand, in the suburbs, if you have a craving during the night, you have to eat what is in the fridge, otherwise there is nothing else because the restaurants and liquor stores are usually closed. In the heart of the city, there are many different attractions, such as museums, theaters and cultural experiences, which is a great opportunity for the people who want to experience new things, unlike in the suburbs where you don’t have many activities to do.

Then, there is the transportation aspect. One of the main conveniences of living in an urban center is the access to public transportation. It makes things easier for the residents to travel from one location to another if they use the bus or the subway for example. People also have the chance to save their money because they don’t need to buy a car and have to pay for all the expenses that come with it. Though, I have to admit on this aspect the suburbs also have great advantages. People can park their car anywhere for free and they don’t have to deal with the traffic in the city. The fact that there are less people living in the suburbs also makes it faster to go anywhere you want.

Finally, there are more job opportunities in the cities than in the suburbs. In big cities, you are going to find the best universities that will provide a better education for the students and give them access to more desirable careers in the future. In recent years, employment in cities has increased, meanwhile, in the suburbs, employment continues to decrease. For decades, there was more employment in the suburbs, but as people started leaving for the cities, employers followed which led to the current situation.

To conclude, some people prefer to live in the suburbs because they know they’ll be living in a safe neighborhood which is entirely true. Except there’s one thing people don’t seem to be aware of, it’s that the crime rates in the city has started to decline a lot for the past few years. In the end, there’s no right choice related to where you choose to live your life. It’s only a matter of what you want.



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