There Is Still Hope for Them

Emilie Binet-Patoine

For quite a while now, industrial farm animals have been restrained in small spaces so humans can handle them easier, even if the methods they use to restrain them are cruel. Will the conditions of animals in industrial farms improve in the future?

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Globalization, Americanization…Where Will We Stand as a Nation?

Adrielle Pelchat-Rochette

As the U.S. are currently electing a new president, and that both candidates are rather… radical on their ideas on growth and development, we, as Canadians and strong allies of our southern neighbours, may wonder what our nation future will be like.

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Echoes from the Past

James Lamontagne

A noise, a series of sounds, all tightened together by a beautiful voice… There you have it, music. Like us human beings, it’s always evolving. It can be as simple as it is complicated, but by all means, it conveys emotions. 

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Go Out and Fail, It Leads to Success!

Raphael Busque

As life expectancy continues to rise, so does retirement age. By 2026, the average retirement age for men and women alike will be 67 years old, and that is just ten years from now. As people have to work longer, finding the right career path will be more important than ever.

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Masters of Adaptation

Gildor Giroux

By most cinephiles, there is an overlooked detail in many science fiction movies displaying extraterrestrial encounters. Distant worlds inhabited by beings that generally evolved for a longer period than us. In most of these scenarios, individuals from alien worlds are practically indistinguishable from their peers.

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The Food of the Future

Guillaume Lambert

Everyone, including me, loves to eat. What is nice about eating is that it is crucial to survive and it is awesome to do. In the future, people will likely still love to eat, but their way to eat might be different compared to today’s.

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The Evolution of Health Care: Negative for the Future Population?

Laurie Gilbert

The progress being made everyday in the health departement is truly amazing, but what we may not think about are the effects this could have on the future population. Will life expectancy ever reach a plateau?

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Simulations that Will Change Our Way of Living

Jordan Côté

As humans, we have always been improving our surroundings. With the help of technologies, we have improved the way our body works, the way we learn and so on. Developing these new technologies has become second nature for us. It is no surprise that Virtual Reality has emerged. This powerful technology has many uses that will possibly revolutionize our way of creating, learning, distracting ourselves and so much more.

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A Future Full of Surprises

James Gilbert-Roy

The world as we know it has gone through much and has also evolved a lot in these last few years. Technologies have been developed, perfected and some are even in progress as I am writing this text, but what about the technologies that could see the day in the future? Personally, I think that these technologies will be revolutionary and I am about to prove it by introducing two of them to you.

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A Zoom into the Future

Mélissa Gaboury

It definitely is a shock to realize that 189 years ago today, the world’s very first photograph was being taken. Within two centuries only, technological devices have evolved so much that the time required to take a single photo went from 10 hours to a split second. The fact that what now fits in the palm of our hands and called a camera used to be an installation occupying the space of an entire room really makes us wonder what photography will be like in the future.

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Is Your Piggy Bank Safe?

Simon Giguère

As we all know, our world is being controlled by some pieces of paper called "money". Humankind is seeking fortune, no matter what the consequences of their acts are. So, there’s one question that we should be aware of: what is the financial future of the world? In my opinion, the economy will face a major crash in the second half of the 21st century.

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Beyond What You Could Have Imagined

Laurie Labbé

Every problem in the world can be solved with technology: you present it with data, it will process it and find a solution. Social, personal or business related, all issues can be fixed. This perception is pushing us humans to give technology more of our attention, of our time and of ourselves.

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Relationships in the Future:
What if We Went Too Far?

Jade Pomerleau

Nowadays, it is becoming more and more common to see people on their phone, scrolling through their Badoo or Tinder profiles. On television, we see reports about the new technologies scientists are creating to make long-distance relationships easier. 

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Made to Order Babies

Béatrice Poulin

Everything is in constant change whether it be technology, fashion trends or our way of thinking. However, the only thing that can’t be altered is our DNA… or can it? The future is in genetic engineering. There is no doubt that this is a very frightening and strangely conflicting prospect for our future societies.

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A Humane Future

Melody Doyon

If you have pets, you probably agree if I tell you that they are now part of ‘’our family’’. But have you ever asked your grandmother how her dog was treated on the farm where she grew up? It’s interesting to look at the pretty drastic changes happening with the human-animal relationship to understand our nature. How do I personally see the future? I see it more humane.

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Keep Calm and Eat Your Veggies

Claudia Moisan

For a long time, mankind has lived in symbiosis with nature without taking anything for granted. However, the well-being of our planet is now at a critical point and if actions aren’t taken now, our future could be more than dreadful. Going vegan is an easy yet effective way to ensure the prosperity of the home that 7.5 billion individuals are sharing.

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