Go Out and Fail, It Leads to Success!

 Raphael Busque 

As life expectancy continues to rise, so does retirement age. By 2026, the average retirement age for men and women alike will be 67 years old, and that is just ten years from now. As people have to work longer, finding the right career path will be more important than ever.

The problem is, today’s society and educational system force young people to focus on having the best possible grades while not knowing what they are going to do. More often than not, grades greatly influence what students can or can’t do in the future, and the rush to get good grades leaves very little time to try new things. This forces young students into hurried and often rash decisions, which they may very well later regret. High school is too early to determine what you want to do for the next 40, 45 years of your life. High school should be a time to try and fail. Young people should get the chance to try as many things as possible before they settle in and make a decision on their career. Schools do try to get students opportunities for new experiences by offering them the possibility to spend one day trials at different workplaces or superior school classes. The thing is, one day is definitely not enough to decide whether they like something or not. At that age, finding what you love and discovering new things is of prime importance, because passions and hobbies, be it arts or sports, are what keep students in school, especially young boys.

In fact, young boys drop out significantly more out of school than young girls (10,3% for boys and 6,6% for girls). The dropout rate of the province of Quebec is the highest in all of Canada (11,7% in Quebec compared 8,99% in the rest of Canada). This is a concern, though the dropout rate has been reduced significantly since 1993 (17,4% in the province of Quebec in 1993 compared to 11,7% in 2010). Even though a good deal of work has been made, there is still plenty to be done and we must keep young people in school in order to keep on evolving as a society.

Young men said that the major reason why they dropped out of school is because they were not engaged in school and/or wanted to work to earn some money. We should make school more attractive and engaging to young men by condensing the classical classes where a lot of theory is being thrown at them and increase the classes where they actually get to do something with their body. Young men often understand more when they get to experience things themselves, not by taking notes in a book. Whether we must increase the number of sports classes, arts classes or just inviting professionals to make them experience their typical day of work, something must be done.

Wouldn’t it be great if a new and fresh job would be presented to the students every day at school? They would get to experience a different feeling and maybe discover a new passion. Sure, some days they would find that they really hate this job or that job, but at least they would get to try before they get to make a career-making, life-changing decision. There would be something for everyone, and we could say that dropping out of school is a thing of the past.



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