The Brain... Electrically Stimulated!

Éric Lessard

What an amazing mechanism the brain is! Unfortunately, it is not perfectly known since it is extremely complicated. Nonetheless, many scientists have discovered an impressive amount of technologies and techniques that help people cure many illnesses and get rid of seizures. Read more

The Banting Behind the Insulin Discovery

Rachel Roy

With all that’s happening these days, it’s important that we remember the good things great people from here did, to remind ourselves that our country is strong.To remember people like Frederick Banting, a great Canadian who discovered insulin, a man who did wonderful things apart from his research, but who’s not well known or understood. Read more

When Epilepsy Racks Our Brain

Nicolas Labranche

The human brain has fascinated the whole of humankind through the ages by its wondrous prowesses as well as its arcane complexity. Given that it is such a complex organ, it’s no surprise that brain disorders are just as arduous to understand. For instance, people used to explain some particularly controversial brain phenomena such as epilepsy seizures by asserting that these were the result of being possessed by the devil.  Read more

An Electrifying Invention…
In Canada!

Sarah-Jane Doyon-Dallaire

During the past years, thousands of lives were saved due to the great progress that has been made in the medical area. Technologies are now really advanced and still continue to develop, creating new ways to care for different illnesses. The pacemaker, a small machine implanted in the chest that controls the heart rate, is one of the revolutionary inventions that contributed a lot to the advances made in medicine. Read more





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