Rébecca Bélanger

Detectives have always served as muses for novels and shows alike, for their profession intrigues and inspires. While detectives are a part of the regular system of policing nowadays, every profession needs a pioneer, and the role of investigator was no exception. Here in Canada, it was John Wilson Murray who started it all. His assiduous work allowed justice to be done in times when the lawless thrived, and even now, the man serves as a model. The job fit him like a glove, and when it didn’t, he changed the circumstances until it would. Read more


Sergio Chiraz

Oh Canada, what a country you are! A country filled with culture, history, inventions and of course, famous individuals! Yes, there are many famous Canadians that somewhat help shape the very country we live in. But not all of them are known… It’s true, quite a few Canadians are classed as a famous individual, but only a handful of today’s youth actually know who they are.  Let’s take for example Louie Sam. A young Canadian who’s not famous for a deed or invention he made, but more for a tragedy that had fallen upon him.  Allow me to educate you and bring you back to the time when the very seeds that made this country were planted. If you haven’t guessed, I’m bringing you to the era of the First Nations. Read more




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