Poems: Where I Come From...

I come from Corolle, from Nintendo and Warner Bros.

I am from music, the smell of food and messy.

I am from family dinners, sarcasm and laughing loud around the table.

From “Turn off the TV” and “Take care of the people around you”.

I am from family will always be there for you, from kindness and education.

I’m from the 2nd avenue, from Coors Light and police patrols.

I am from matriochkas, cookie jar monk and the world map.

By Alice

I come from Oreo double stuf, Nova and Milton Bradley.

I am from a hum that becomes a melody and chemical lemon smell.

I am from campfires and endless hide-and-seek games on Friday night.

From « Wanna play hockey » and « Dinner’s ready! ».

I am from respect everybody, especially yourself.

I’m from fresh strawberries and the cul-de-sac spirit.

I am from fake flowers and nothing else because my mother doesn’t like what gathers dust.

By Amélie

I come from sports, from Nutella and Burger King.

I am from welcoming, harmony and the smell of a good dinner after a long day at school.

I am from family gatherings at Christmas and family vacations outside of the country.

From "Girls! Stop bickering!" and "Speak louder".

I am from do what you love and work hard.

I’m from a small village, barbecue sauce and steaks.

I am from movies, rocking chairs and magnets on the fridge.

By Ann-Sophie

I am from Marvel and Davinci.

I am from homemade bread and laughter.

I am from reading time and horses.

From “Did you lose it again?” and “Straighten your back”

I am from sharing and honesty.

I am from St-Georges, the Everest ice cream shop.

I am from scout scarf, figurines and electricity kits.

By Louis-Philippe


I am from Kosmos, from Haribo and Maxwellhouse.

I am from the smell of fresh baked bread, from busteling busy sounds and Beatle mania.

I am from family togetherness, from the sight of candles on the Christmas tree and the pyramids pedal shadows dancing off the ceiling.

From ¨ Slow down ! ¨ and ¨ We aren't in Russia here! ¨

I am from use your common sense and time is more important than money.

I am from Shorndorf, Germany, Saint-Georges, Quebec, maple syrup, ice cream and smiles.

I am from a deck of cards, endless lines of books on shelves and the quarter frog.

By Mariam

I am from Chevrolet, Compaq and Robin Hood oats.

I am from the bright, cheerful and cold.

I am from fried eggs on Saturday morning and sleepy.

I am from "Shut down your computer!" and "Mow the lawn".

I am from quality work and share what you have.

I am from San Bernardo, folklore festival and loose dogs on the streets.

I am from Patriots cap, family picture on the fridge and favorite soccer team cup.

By Christian

I come from chinese fondue, from Hot Wheels and Honda.

I am from the crackling of the fire and family togetherness.

I am from watching hockey games and funny.

From ‘’Dinner’s ready!’’ and ‘’Clear the table!’’.

I am from be patient and be polite.

I’m from St-Georges, my father’s poutine and spaghetti sauce.

I am from Lego bricks, cords of wood and an old tractor.

By Jean-Samuel

I come from the Green wall at the park, from chocolate pies and country music.

I am from disorder, weird masks in the house and my father’s laugh.

I am from movies on the couch and my family disguised for Christmas.

From ¨Do your best¨and ¨Stop annoying your little sister¨.

I am from work hard and don’t judge others.

I am from Saint-Martin, the house in front of the school.

I am from bionicles toys, pictures in the staircase my father loves to hang and the bar in the basement.

By Miguël


I come from Ford, Tim Hortons and Walmart.

I am from spacious, functional and welcoming.

I am from sleepovers, family togetherness and happiness.

From ‘’ Do you have an off switch? ‘’ to ‘’ You have nothing to say today?’’.

I am from work hard and family first.

I’m from Beauce, maple syrup and beer.

I am from car rides, comfort food and taking a nap.

By Mireille

I come from ice skates, from Pepsi and Peterbilt.

I am from loud talking, warm and a lot of natural light.

I am from card games and laughter.

From “give the example” and “you’re not my mom”.

I am from equality for all, freedom and hard work.

I’m from la Beauce, BBQs and farms.

I am from family pictures, bicycles on the side of the street and ski equipment.

By Joëlle

I come from Tropicana, Tonka and T-Fal.

I am from blue house, simple and the smell of food.

I am from family reunions and music from the 80’s.

From “stop fighting with your brother” and “clean up your room”.

I am from family friends and fun.

I’m from maple syrup, chocolate and forest.

I am  from vinyl records, playing cards and sugar camp.

By Julia

I come from Scooby Doo, PlayStation and Marvel.

I am from tall trees, the smell of Pillsbury cookies and a single bathroom.

I am from pool parties with my family and days that went by too fast.

From “Don’t point the finger at people” and “We go to church on Sunday”.

I am from “Your best is enough” and “You can’t buy happiness”.

I am from the smell of manure, awful roads and “it’s one hour from Quebec City”.

I am from Pokemon posters, big books that were hard to read for the kids we were. 

By Nicolas




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