Simulations that Will Change Our Way of Living

 Jordan Côté  

As humans, we have always been improving our surroundings. With the help of technologies, we have improved the way our body works, the way we learn and so on. Developing these new technologies has become second nature for us. It is no surprise that Virtual Reality has emerged. This powerful technology has many uses that will possibly revolutionize our way of creating, learning, distracting ourselves and so much more.

First of all, Virtual Reality has been here for quite a while now, but it has gotten quite better in recent years. Obviously, with technology improving as a whole, it is normal that VR (virtual reality) has improved as well. These simulations are going to be critical tools in the future. In a few words, VR is “an immersive, interactive experience generated by a computer.” This is, by far, the simplest way of describing what it is. In fact, the very first virtual reality system ever created was the “Sensorama”. It was a chair in which you could watch a movie and it would replicate things such has wind, smell, sounds and images.

Nowadays, there are many platforms on which we can experience virtual reality. The most popular way of enjoying the entertainment aspect of this technology is with video games. At this moment, the number of games supporting VR is quite limited, but in a few years companies such as Oculus VR, Sony, Valve and HTC want to bring this way of gaming to the mainstream media. This means that we will be able to feel and BE the characters we love to play as. Virtual reality certainly is the future of entertainment.

Obviously, there are other uses than video games and movies. In the medical department, we could use VR to teach students how to perform complicated surgeries in a safe and consequence free environment. The military could also use this technology to train soldiers before they fight terrorism in other countries. We could practice anything without the consequences of failing! VR has already proved its worth for educational purposes. In fact, the United States Air Force uses complicated flight simulators to train their pilots. VR will surely become a very interesting tool for anyone who wishes to learn something new.

Lastly, VR could revolutionize the way we give therapy. In fact, it has already been done! Samsung did a campaign called "#befearless" to show us how their VR headset could help people. They did virtual therapies with individuals who had a fear of public speeches. What’s the best part? It actually worked! The people they worked with spoke in front of hundreds of spectators. With a bit more research, this technology will become a crucial tool for any psychologist. We will be able to see how we react in certain situations that we can't usually simulate.

In the long run, VR will most certainly have a very prominent role in our future. I hope that one day we will all use VR just like we use our smartphones nowadays. I am not the only one who has high hopes for virtual reality. So many companies are pouring time and money to further develop this technology. Each and every day we get closer and closer to a simulation so close to reality that we won’t be able to differentiate them from each other.



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