A Lifetime of Benefits

Ann-Sophie Lessard

Nature or buildings? Quiet or loud? Calm or agitated? Safe or dangerous? The area you decide to live in mainly depends on the quality of life that you want.  Clearly, the suburbs offer a completely different lifestyle than the city. Suburbia can provide many benefits, especially when you have a family.
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Who Needs Superheroes?

Amélie Pépin

Crime, violence and danger are more and more present in our lives.  Even if we are struggling to escape the horrors surrounding us, it is almost impossible to completely get rid of them. 
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Is Suburbia eco-friendly?

Christian Medel

Modern cities are very different from those of the Twentieth Century. People now live in the surroundings of the city rather than inside it. They do so because of the greater comfort and space available for them. But with the urban population growing, these suburban areas are also spreading, and the impact they have on the environment is great. Read more

The Suburbs: Hollywood's Dreamland

India Couture

From comedic Cat in the Hat to dramatic Edward Scissorhands, passing by family friendly The Hedge and classical E.T., the suburban universe has always been present in America’s greatest cinema.  Its use by the film industry has evolved throughout time and its many faces and hidden sides were often developed to create a particular atmosphere for every movie. Read more

Everything's Under Control

Nicolas Blais

Freedom can be defined as an “exemption from external control”. What if this exemption was proved to be merely ephemeral for ordinary citizens? For instance, people living in suburbia are deceived by stealth marketing and surrender unconsciously their free will, as illustrated in the movie “The Joneses”. The suburbs are indeed involved in hidden sellingRead more

The Suburbs: In Constant Evolution

Mireille Paquet

The suburbs are the residential areas surrounding cities. They are usually constituted of single-family homes and they also have some particular characteristics. Houses and people in the suburbs usually look all the same. Suburban areas are, for most families, a good alternative to cities. But when and why did these communities emerge? 
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My Neighbors, My Family

Miguel Parent-Fortin

In today's world, we are more or less 7 billion people living on earth. Strangely enough, the majority of us don't even talk to the people who share our lives, our work, and our neighborhood. In my opinion, this is complete nonsense and we should do something to fix this. Maybe the suburbs is the answer to this problem. Read more

Wildlife Is Getting Its Revenge on Humanity!

Mariam Richter

You read right, the top of the food-chain predator has changed places with its prey! All around the globe, wildlife is literally moving into the suburbs. Certain animals, for instance rodents, pigeons or similar pests have always coexisted with humans. Yet now, the inhabitants of the suburbs are stuck with bigger and more aggressive animals. Read more

The Suburbs: a Friendly Kid Factory

Louis-Philippe Baillargeon

In high school, people say that you can notice where a kid comes from in the first minutes you talk to him. Their childhood environment obviously has an impact on about everything about them, including their social lives. In my opinion, growing up in a suburb tends to improve your social skills. Read more

City vs Suburbs

Julia Gilbert

In our lives, we all have to make hard decisions; one of them is to choose whether we’re going to live in the city or in the suburbs. Most of the time this decision depends on certain facts such as the place where you want to work, your age, if you want a family or not, etc. My opinion on the matter is that both lifestyles have advantages and disadvantages but the city would still be a better choice. Read more

Living Happily Ever After in the Suburbs

Joelle Pouliot





When I say “suburbs”, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? A safe, peaceful area where everyone is blissfully happy, right? However, when you take a look at the facts, people living in the suburbs are not all that happy. Indeed, suburbia can have negative just as much as positive impacts on its residents.
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Suburbs and Cars: A Complicated Relationship

Jean-Samuel Bisson

It’s a well-known fact: cities are filled with cars. At the peak hours, massive traffic jams occur as people go to work or are coming back from it. But where do most of these cars come from? Surprinsingly enough, they don’t always come from the city itself, as most people who live there use public transportation or walk. In fact, the suburbs are responsible for sending so many cars in the cities. Read more

Herds of Humans

Alice Lemieux-Bourque

A big house, a lovely neighbourhood, two kids, a dog, two cars, a pool… Isn’t that the best way to get to happiness? The Suburbs are proof that the easiest way to live is to stick to the group… and forget yourself in it. Conformity is never as simple to observe as in Suburbia. Read more



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