Who Needs Superheroes?



Crime, violence and danger are more and more present in our lives.  Even if we are struggling to escape the horrors surrounding us, it is almost impossible to completely get rid of them.  Instead of waiting to be rescued by superheroes, we should realise that there is a place where you can live safely: the suburbs. The suburban life sure is the best option to live without fear.

The statistics are clear: living in the suburbs is a lot safer than living in cities. For example, the violent crime rate is a lot higher in urban areas: 30 percent against 7 percent for suburban communities.  Several factors explain why metropolitan areas are more suitable for criminal acts: the proportion of the population that is poor, the various ethnic groups and the density of population. On the other hand, the suburbs are a lot safer because of the proximity, the community aspect and the routine of the residents.

First, because houses are close to each other, it is easy for a neighbor to watch your property. If you are absent for a short time, there will certainly be someone that will watch your house, even if he does it unconsciously. If a burglar tries to slip into the house and someone from the neighborhood catches him red handed, he will call the police without any doubt. After all, everyone is working hard to live in a place free from danger. So, suburbs are safe because there is always someone to watch your back.

Moreover, the suburbs are safe because there is a strong relationship between the people living there. When you live in the suburbs, you personally know your neighbors: you know their name, their hobbies, the type of person they are, etc.  They are good friends to you and you trust them. Going to get an egg next door or neighborhood barbecues are common things for you because your neighborhood is a small community. We can almost call it a big family.  Also, if you have kids, they are probably playing with your neighbors’ children. It is another reason that explains why you become so close to the people living next door. In summary, the sense of trust makes the suburbs a safe place to live.

Finally, in the suburban life, routine is really important. People usually follow their planning and have an organized schedule. For example, they go to work, prepare dinner and go to bed at the same time every day.  They also tend to be rigorous on their habits. So, it is easy for the neighbors to notice when there is something wrong or unusual. Furthermore, routine also helps to be secure because you don’t have to face the unknown. This is another reason why the suburbs are a great place to live in.

In conclusion, the suburbs are obviously the best location to live a life free from danger. There are many reasons that explain why as the proximity, the community aspect and the routine. However, it looks like in certain places, as in cities, superheroes are the only hope to live in a safe place. If metropolitan citizens worried more about their security by installing security systems and getting to know their neighbors, cities would be as safe as the suburbs.





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